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JD Edwards ERP Consulting

CORE VELOCITY is a full-service software ERP consulting company that specializes in JD Edwards (EnterpriseOne and World) and Oracle Enterprise solutions (Fusion).

Currently the company is serving customers throughout North America with global delivery capabilities out of South Africa.  The company provides both project-based and managed services across a wide range of technology solutions with primary focus on JD Edwards and Fusion.  Leading the way in innovative solutions for JD Edwards and Fusion product lines, CORE VELOCITY is speeding ahead with 5G innovationContact us today to learn more!

JD Edwards Service Offerings

Core Velocity

Innovative (5G)


– Machine to Machine

– Gamification

– Mobility

– Fusion Integration with JD Edwards

– In-Memory Apps – Planning Advisor / Sales Advisor

–  JD Edwards BI Publisher Services

– User Productivity Kit (UPK)

-E1 Pages

– OneView Reporting

– World View Reporting

– Uncommon Modules

– Health and Safety Incident Management

– Grower Management

– Apparel Management

– Fulfillment Management

– Fusion Apps

– Oracle Business Accelerators

– Cloud Solutions

– RFP / RFI / RFQ development, response support and process management

– System Selection Services


Core VelocityTraditional

– Upgrades and Migrations

– E1 to E1 (EnterpriseOne Upgrades)

– World to E1 (World to EnerpriseOne Migrations)

– World to World (World Upgrades)

– E1 to Fusion Migration

– Implementation Assessments

– CNC Assessments

– Special Projects

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