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Recent and pertinent news related to CORE VELOCITY.


HorseIcon10j - Copy2014 Aug 24CORE VELOCITY partners with CDI Technology Corp. to provide exclusive payment solution for the Public Sector, SnapPay for the Public Sector™.

HorseIcon10j - Copy2014 April 3CORE VELOCITY executives to attend Quest Collaborate 2014 Conference.  Please schedule a meeting by sending an email to collaborate@COREVELOCITY.com

HorseIcon10j - Copy 2012 May 1CORE VELOCITY announces the distribution of a new product, LuckyPackets™, to the USA market.  For more information please contact us.

HorseIcon10j - Copy 2011 August 24: CORE VELOCITY granted North America distribution rights for Nelson Mandela Artwork.

CORE VELOCITY, Inc. announced today that it has partnered with a South African company to take on the North American distribution of Nelson “Madiba” Mandela signed Limited Edition artwork.  For more information, please visit Mandela.us or MandelaArt.com.  With the support of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and the artworks created by renowned South African artist Athol Moult, a project encompassing a series of paintings entitled “Africa Salutes You” has become a beacon of hope for the people of Mvezo.

The artwork tells a story of celebration, inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer and the children of Mvezo.  The “Africa Salutes You” initiative will help fund development projects in Mvezo.   Limited edition hand signed original signature of Nelson Mandela Prints are now available in North America as collector items.

“The collector value of these prints is high for obvious reasons and what they represent, but the artwork itself is modern and very appealing. The prints have place for those who not only like art but to those that supported and followed their and other countries of interest during the recent world cup in South Africa. This unique historical event is captured in the ‘Africa Salutes You’ collection.”, said Pamela Conlin, CEO, CORE VELOCITY, Inc.

You can see the full collection of artwork at MandelaArt.com

HorseIcon10j - Copy 2007  March 12: CORE VELOCITY expands its portfolio to include Character Licensing Services

CORE VELOCITY announced today that given its experience working with brand licensing, contractual aspects of branding and product distribution has launched a new service offering to assist new product vendors to navigate “Character Licensing”.  CORE VELOCITY can assist with your licensing negotiations and to bring quick closure to contracts with licensors.  Our experts have worked with all the large companies that include Disney, Warner Bros., Chorion, Nelvana, Paws (Garfield) and more.  In addition we have worked with product distribution at companies like Toys R Us, Dollar Stores, Large Warehouse Chains and smaller mom-pop type stores.  Don’t delay, give us a call today for a no obligation review.

HorseIcon10j - Copy 2004  February 20: CORE VELOCITY obtains exclusive rights to import Endangered Wildlife neckties and scarves from South Africa leading manufacturers.  EndangeredWildlife.com and eWildlife.com websites established to promote wildlife products with philanthropic donations to wildlife conservation organizations that include the World Wildlife Fund, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Conservation, and other charitable organizations.  All products have a percentage of the proceeds on sales that is allocated to benefit wildlife conservation.

HorseIcon10j - Copy 2002  July 17: CORE VELOCITY is established