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CORE VELOCITY is currently pursuing an investment strategy whereby our employees are able to participate in the company success through stock ownership in the company.  Their growth and companies growth is tied, and contributions to our customer success is maximized.  Our employees want to work at CORE VELOCITY and are able to voice their opinions and share in the companies success.  This model is unique to the consulting world and in our experience many consulting firms are not able to realize the full potential of their workforce as their employees never get to have a stake in the company (have “skin in the game”, as they say).  We feel otherwise, and want to share our growth and benefits with those that do the hard work of consulting daily.

We welcome your interest (at any level) in participating in becoming an investor in our business (either by contributing only as an employee, or as an employee owner, or as an investor).  We are creative and are willing to evaluate investment alternatives.

Please contact us directly at investment@COREVELOCITY.com for more information.